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BP Loader

  Advanced Order Picking  (AOP)

Builds true Mixed-load, even-layered pallets, then loads a vehicle.  Pallets are built along the shortest warehouse picking path while simultaneously enforcing all stacking, overhang, height, and weight limits. Computes axle weights. Sequences load by drop location. Automatically distributes the load for optimum self-bracing.

  Advanced Loading System  (ALS)

MAXLoad floor-loaded products and pallets into any sized truck, trailer, intermodal container, railcar, or aircraft container. Define unloadable spaces in containers.   Palletizes products. Computes axle weights. Sequences load by drop location.

  ALS- Optipack

Selects the best carton or bag for an order in high-speed, high volume catalog and fulfillment operations. Eliminates the manual "guess" about which carton is best,  boosting throughput, reducing product touches, and cutting carton, filler, and shipping costs.  Handles multi-item, multi-carton best-fit. Carton-level pick/pack itemization, for fast throughput, accurate ship/postal information, and EDI ASN.

  Building Products Loader

Custom version of the Advanced Loading System for gypsum and other building products.

  Advanced Pack and Stack  (APS)

A desktop assistant for fit analysis of item, mass-pack, case, carton, and uniform-size palletizing.

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