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Get the very best in automated, computerized carton selection.

With ALS-Optipack, every packer on every line, in peak and regular seasons, will always select the best carton or bag for a customer order.

ALS-Optipack is used in leading catalog and fulfillment operations like Williams-Sonoma and Parcel Corporation of America. It eliminates the time-consuming carton selection decision, saving filler, carton, and shipping costs.

Real, bottom-line saving:

Eliminate the manual carton selection decision.
Slash filler, carton, and tape costs.
Instantly make every packer an expert.
Operate efficiently - pick direct to carton with fewer product touches.
Reduce damage and shortage claims.
Generate accurate carton-level pick/pack info for picklists, manifests, ASN, and shipping/postal documentation.
Multi-carton orders are a snap.
Avoid Advance Shipment Notification penalties.

The "Carton Selection Decision" has to be made, for every box, of every order you handle. How you make it is a critical success factor to determining your company’s maximum profitability.

Features . . .

Never selects a carton that is too small.
Items always fit.
Handles best-fit for stacked and interlocking items - like ball caps, water glasses, and baskets.
Holds item quantities together in as few cartons as possible - for streamlined business-to-business outbound QA and easy inbound receiving by the customer.
Very fast:  50 orders a second.  Add processors for more throughput.

Clients . . .

Parcel Corporation of America
S & S Worldwide

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