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Advanced Loading System

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Whether you load trucks, containers, railcars, or airplanes, the Advanced Loading System will automatically load and show you the complete solution on-line in graphical 3-D, before any product is handled.

Advanced Loading System delivers real-world load optimization – much more than simply ‘maxing the cube.’ Complex mixed loads are computed in seconds, with accurate axle weights, in drop location sequence. Expert palletization enforces stacking, overhang, weight, and height rules. Industrial-strength performance and speed are key to delivering optimum real-time results to major, high-volume logistics operations.

Maximum Cubic Utilization – Maximal Density.
Handles Multi-Stop Loads.
Computes Axle Weights.
Fast Performance.
Automatic, unattended, continuous-processing.
Enforces stacking rules and item orientation for cuboid and cylindrical items.
Loads any size Container including Trucks, Stepvans, Double-Deckers, Railcars, Intermodal Containers, Aircraft Pallets and Containers.
Only loads items in useable spaces - not in unreachable, over-the-door voids or the 'step' of a Stepvan.
Edit 3-D diagrams on-line.
Prints 3-D diagrams and reports, or forwards to RF.
Outputs loading results in electronic format – enabling EDI/ASN and accurate customer billing.

Key Benefits . . .

No Overweight Vehicles:  Automatically calculates axle weights, maximizing every payload.
Faster Loading:  3-D diagrams show exactly how to load a vehicle or container.
Cut Product Damage: Stacking matrix defines allowable stacking rules, and separates incompatible products.
Visual Load Diagramming:  See the entire load, before any product is handled. Significantly reduce the time, number of people, and level of experience required for load planning and diagramming. Add product to fill a vehicle's capacity.
Streamlined Operations:  Items can be picked in loading order, reducing staging area requirements.  Eliminates re-handling and load adjustments to make legal axle weights.

Features . . .

Fastest, most dense packing algorithm on the planet.
Batch processing for unattended, continuous operation.
On-line graphical load editor.  See a load from any angle.  'Drag and drop' items with the click of the mouse.
Sequences loads by stop / drop location.
Compression routines quickly flatten or shorten load plans.
Fast, reliable, high-performance operation.

Clients . . .

Federal Express
General Electric

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