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Advanced Order Picking

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Advanced Order Picking (AOP) automates both the building of pallets and loading of pallets in a vehicle, providing the best-fit load plan for an order or set of orders.

In the Palletization phase, AOP enforces complex, expert rules including product stackability and orientation on the pallet, intermediate pallet insertion, amount of allowable overhang, maximum weight for a pallet, mixed load parameters, and pick-by-location along the shortest path through the warehouse.

In the vehicle Loading phase, AOP applies comprehensive loading rules for stacking pallets into the optimum number of lifts, monitors king pin and axle weight limits, automatically balances and distributes the load for self-bracing, and controls the vehicle loading patterns including pinwheels.

The results are a coordinated set of diagrams and reports for complete and accurate loading, including itemized Pallet Placards, Pallet and Container Load Graphics, Load Diagram, and Tally/Packing List. Palletizing directions can be forwarded to RF for 'paperless' picking, and the Confirm-Shipment return file delivers the data for EDI Advance Shipment Notification (ASN) to your host Order or Warehouse Management System.

Key Benefits . . .

No Overweight Vehicles: Automatically calculates axle weights to produce street-legal loads.
Faster, more Accurate Picking: 3-D sequential diagrams in picking sequence show how to build a picked pallet layer by layer. Or forward the data to RF.  Picking is ordered along the shortest path in the warehouse to reduce backtracking and tourism, and optimize traffic flow.
Cut Product Damage: AOP builds stable, even-layered pallets. Optimum placement rules automatically consider how to brace and load-lock the lifts. Stacking matrix prevent palletization of incompatible products.
Visual Load Diagramming: AOP can significantly reduce the time, number of people, and level of experience required for load diagramming. Know exactly how the load will look before any product is handled. Add product to fill a vehicle’s capacity.
Increase Warehouse Productivity: Pickers are directed along the shortest picking path. The location of each item is clearly identified on the 3-D Picking Graphic and Pallet Placard. Pallets can be picked in loading order, reducing staging area space requirements. Picking rates for novice and intermediate pickers rival the best pickers.
Avoid ASN Penalities:   AOP automatically generates and sends the the data for EDI ASN to your host Order System or WMS.

Features . . .

Intelligent Palletization:

Makes the most of production pallets, selecting whole warehouse pallets first in the palletizing schema.
Expertly handles mixed-load pallets by placing items of a similar size in the same pallet layer.
Plans picked pallets along the shortest path through the warehouse to minimize backtracking and warehouse tourism.


Loads a vehicle by city/stop, store/aisle, or any 2-level delivery sequence.
Loads straight-in, pinwheel, and custom lift spot patterns.
Shows the pallet and container load plans in clear 3-D diagrams.
Prints a coordinated set of load diagrams and reports, or forwards to RF.

Easy, Flexible System:

Provides flexible options to control AOP’s expert ruleset for palletizing and loading, including product stackability and loading orientation rules, parameters for positioning a product on a pallet, vertical stacking limits, and axle load limits.
Runs loading simulations at computer speeds in batch mode for unattended operation - generates better and better arrangements with each simulation. Palletize and load in under a minute.

Clients . . .

The Clorox Company
M & M Mars

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