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ALS Web Client
Sample Loading Results

The ALS Web Client Palletizes, then loads Pallets
with Floor Loaded items, all automatically!

20 Foot Container; Multi-SKU Load. Note truck axle weight calculations display
Palletized and/or Floor Loaded Materials:

Staged Loading Views:
1). Lorry Loading, truck loading and container loading

2.) Cargo loading sequence at any stage of load optimization

3.) Loading truck is simple with step by step printouts!

4.) Optimize container loading - finished view

Loading of Containers - 40 foot container, multi-sku load, mixed cargo loading.
Floor Loaded Materials:

As you can see from these samples, ALS products are suitable for load diagramming and load optimization:

* Mixed Pallet, Mixed Pallet Loading and Pallet Display

*Air Cargo, Air Cargo Loading and Load Planning

* Mixed Product Loading, Multi Product Load Plans

* Rail Car Loading and Rail Car Optimization

* Truck Load Planning and Truck Load Optimization


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