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"Complete Logistics Solutions for
immediate bottom line impact. "


ALS-Optipack always chooses the lowest cost carton and shipping method!

ALS-Optipack chooses the best available carton by using actual product dimensions and weight, then fitting them into the actual carton/envelope dimensions. The Rate Module uses the actual rate, dim weight and oversize rate that your firm has negotiated with the carriers.

  • Uses actual product dimensions and weight - no guessing.
  • Selects the best carton EVERY time!
  • Carton is the first item on the pick/pack list - no manual carton decision.
  • Packs multi-carton orders.
  • Matches contents to carton with correct protection factor and cushioning allowance.
  • Computes the lowest combination of shipping: carton and filler costs.
  • Number of cartons, dimensions and weight are known before any product is handled.
  • Rate Module uses exact carton dimensions and weight for accurate carrier rate quotations.
  • Runs in continuous processing mode - 50 to 100 orders per second. Add processors for incremental throughput (2 processors /double throughput, 3 processors/triple throughput, etc.)

Fast and Efficient

Actual item dimensions, weight and restrictions for packing are used to develop a picking list. The picker can now have the carton as the first item on the pick list and pick directly into the carton, eliminating quess work and saving picking and packing time. The least experienced packer will now use the most economical carton, bag or envelope every time!

Carton and Product Protection

Item and carton protection factors are established and enforced during carton selection. With ALS-Optipack the number of product touches decreases. Packing and QC time are reduced.

Order Data and Interfaces

Optipack integrates with existing order entry or fulfillment systems by using the order information to calculate the best available carton or bag.

Manual and Batch Modes

In Batch Mode 75,000 orders or more can be processed per shift! Either a single order or a batch of orders can be processed at one time.

Manual Mode is useful for "what-if" test runs on existing or proposed new carton selections. Exact carton costs can be quickly generated by running the same set of orders with different carton specifications. By running typical orders with a selection of different cartons improvements in volume fill, material costs and labor costs can be achieved.

Advanced Features of ALS-Optipack

  • PRODUCT GROUPING: Keeps the ordered quantity of a SKU together in as few cartons as possible. Improves picking and QA time, and your customer's tally/check-in time.
  • INTEGRATED RATE MODULE: Finds the best combination of shipping (including Oversize 1 and 2 UPS charges), carton and filler cost.
  • NEST, COMBINE, & FILL: Let's you describe how a SKU stacks together, is combined with another SKU, or has an empty void to fill.
  • SELF-SHIPPER: A 'self-shipper' could be shipped as-is. If an order exceeds one carton, ALS-OPTIPACK excludes self-shippers from the loading simulation, and finds the best carton for the remaining SKUs.

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