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"Complete Logistics Solutions for
immediate bottom line impact. "

Advanced Loading System (ALS)

ALS delivers computerized load planning. Load any size or shape of container: trailer, van, aircraft and railcar. 3-D graphical results allow you to see the position of every product on the pallet and in the container, before any product is handled!

  • Cubic Volume Utilization in vehicles is maximized.
  • Legal Axle Weights are computed to ensure the vehicle will pass at the scales, while boosting payload weights to more than 47,000 pounds.
  • Product Arrangement is optimized by enforcing product stacking limits, orientation, sequence by drop location, and priority loading rules.
  • Throughput Rates improve 15 to 25% because loading sequence is known before any items are handled.

Item and Container Databases

Actual item dimensions and weight are used to calculate accurate load results. Product stacking rules (top load, bottom load, stacking limit) and payload weight limits are some of the information in the item and container databases.

Item Database contains actual dimensions and weight, stacking rules, orientation and position. Define cubic and cylindrical items.

Container Database describes trucks, railcars, and containers, including unloadable void spaces (roll-up door, 'step' in a stepvan). Also has vehicle pool information (quantity and vehicle loading priority).

Pallet Builder

Stable mixed load pallets can be automatically built by the Advanced Loading System. ALS builds pallets using an expert rule set to:

  • Correctly stack products to minimize damage
  • Orient each item for easy loading and unloading
  • Load in order of drop location

Weight Distribution

ALS balances and distributes products so the net weight on each axle is within specified limits, providing optimal load distribution. ALS puts the most product in the vehicle, maxing its cube.

Order Data and Interfaces

Easy download/upload file transfers connect ALS with your order system, ensuring accurate, up to date order information to ALS and loading results are returned.

Accurate Payload Axle Weights

ALS calculates kingpin and axle weights to produce accurate "street legal" loads. Heavy freight will weigh out before it cubes out. ALS arranges product so the net weight on each axle is within specified limits and the load is optimally distributed.

Features of Advanced Loading System

  • Displays 3-D pallet and container loading diagrams
  • Builds stable mixed-load pallets
  • Outputs 3-D graphics, pick-lists, 2-D loading schematics and license plates/placards
  • Operates in continuous batch mode or on line interactive session
  • Computes accurate axle weight.
  • Plans mixed-load orders for any container: truck, aircraft, sea container, van
  • Loads by drop location
  • Enforces stacking rules for floor loaded and palletized products
  • Works in stand alone and network configurations (Novell, Windows NT) with ASCII interfaces to common mid-range and high end platforms (IBM AS/400, IBM 3090, HP6000, etc.

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