Williams Sonoma Case Study, Clorox Case Study
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"Better Carton-to-Product fit at

Williams-Sonoma Company Profile:

    • Purveyors of fine kitchen and home products
    • 50,000-100,000 orders picked, packed and shipped daily
    • Large volume user of corrugated and filler materials
Project Goals and Motivations:
    • Oversize shipping charges at all time high
    • Escalating carton and packaging materials costs
    • Desire to cut labor costs and improve packing efficiency
    • Carrier selection, zone skipping and acurate manifesting not possible without exact carton dimensions and weight

Manual Packing -vs- ALS-Optipack

Manual Method

Orders picked into totes. As totes traveled down the conveyor to the packing station, the highest paid, most experienced packers estimated which of Williams-Sonoma's fifty-two cartons might be the best fit.

Optipack prints the pick list with the carton as the first item. The order(s) is picked directly into the carton(s) it will ship in. Guessing and manual carton selection eliminated and packing filler and shipping costs decreased.

Repacking required if manual carton selection proved to small. Cartons under-utilized and Styrofoam peanuts ($$$) filled the void.


Order volume so large, packers could not keep up!

Mis-picks and re-packs virtually eliminated. Using carton protection factors and product orientation, the best carton is selected every time. And the items always fit!

Exact carton size and weight are known up front and can be used for carrier selection.

Project Results with ALS-Optipack
    • Carton material and filler substantially reduced, which lead to
    • Positive customer response
    • Carrier selection and rating charges are known before and product is handled, which lead to
    • Substantial decrease in Oversize charges
    • Money saved using ALS-Optipack is all bottom line dollars

ALS-Optipack is the Solution, today!

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