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"Better Carton-to-Product fit at
Restaurant Equippers "

Restaurant Equippers Company Profile:

    • Supplier of kitchen and restaurant products and appliances
    • Thousands of orders picked, packed and shipped daily
    • Large volume user of corrugated and filler materials
    • Orders shipped via small parcel and LTL carriers
    • CSR and web shopping cart orders
Project Goals and Motivations:
    • Oversize shipping charges at all time high
    • Seeking to improve web order completion ratio
    • Escalating carton and packaging materials costs
    • Escalating LTL and small parcel carrier fees and rates
    • Desire to cut labor costs and improve packing efficiency
    • Accurate rate shopping and manifesting not possible without exact order carton/pallet dimensions and weight
    • Carrier exclusion as required
    • Combine, nest, fill, and strap for efficiency
    • Accomodate different packing methods for small parcel and large bulk order palletized LTL shipments

Project Results with ALS-Optipack

    • Positive customer response
    • ALS-Optipack positive financial impact on bottom line dollars
    • Carton material and filler substantially reduced
    • Carrier selection and rating charges are known before and product is ordered or handled, which lead to:
    • Substantial total decrease in shippingcosts, including oversize and accessorial charges
    • Effective carrier billing and auditing with complete accuracy
    • Superior reliability and ease of installation


ALS-Optipack is the Solution, today!

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